The Richard Pousette-Dart FoundationWebsite Design2022
The Pousette-Dart Foundation preserves and continues the legacy of American abstract expressionist artist Richard Pousette-Dart through education and conservation. They approached Juliette Cezzar’s design studio e.a.d to design a website that reflects this mission. My role in the project was to create and prototype iterations of the website’s layout design.

Collaborators: Juliette Cezzar, Jeremy Zilar 

The design of the website aimed to maximize the visuals of Pousette-Dart’s work. Intially, we experimented with playful shapes and colors in reference to his expressive style. Ultimately, however, it took too much focus away from his works, which can speak for themselves. Instead, we focused on creating a layout design that would work with different types of pages, such as feature articles, and which would highlight the foundation’s commitment to preserving his legacy and art. 

Design Iterations

I also worked on the image interactions for the site. We did several iterations with image galleries, carousels, and enlarging individual images to enable dragging, creating an immersive experience with the artwork. 
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