American Crew WebsiteWebsite Design2023
In 2023, men’s grooming and styling brand American Crew approached TODA to redesign their e-commerce website. The project aimed to reflect American Crew’s brand identity through their site, and to focus on a mobile-first design in response to shifting consumer trends and needs. I led the project from the early low-fidelity wireframing stages to the final prototyping stage. In addition, I assisted in designing visual assets for the final website, which included videos, banners, and images. 

Collaborators: Marcos Chavez

The design and layout of the site were intended to create a responsive and mobile-first experience for users. The Home Page was especially important in balancing the website’s role as an e-commerce platform, as well as telling the story of the brand.

The Product Landing Page was designed to ensure that consumers would be able to find all the information they need on a product, and decide which product would work best for them. We achieved this by including American Crew’s Style Matrix, a new product comparison tool, and a redesigned Customer Review section.

There was an enlarged focus on the “story of American Crew,” which was important for the new website. The history, traditions, and foundation of the brand as pioneered by founder David Raccuglia, were emphasized throughout the site.

User flow and ease of navigation was essential for the new website. As a result, we redesigned the categorization of topics and pages, as well as limiting buttons and icons to the essentials.

Mobile Click-Through Demo

Desktop Click-Through Demo
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