Yummy Travels 
Book Design, 2021
This baby board book was made in collaboration with DERT. DERT is a social enterprise that activates books into fundraising tools that raise money for literacy programs. DERT’s social mission is to ensure that all children identify as readers by having access to books and being read to on a regular basis. As part of DERT’s new baby board book initiative, Parsons students were asked to design a 16-page baby board book that serves as a dynamic learning tool for infants and toddlers. Board books allow children to begin to familiarize themselves with colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and the concept of interacting with a book itself.
Yummy Travels is focused on the exciting array of dishes different countries across the globe have to offer. Food is a way to connect people and to bridge differences in culture. With this book, children will be introduced to more culturally diverse food and encourage them to be more open-minded to the tastes of different cuisines. They will start to familiarize themselves with the colors and shapes of a variety of international foods, as well as learn the names of a few countries. As a fun and educational addition, there is also a counting element as part of the book, to further engage children in their early stages of reading.
Designed for DERT at Parsons School of Design, Spring 2021