Ulta Beauty Rebrand
Branding, 2020
This project was a rebrand of beauty retailer Ulta Beauty. The goal of this rebrand was to create a strong visual language for the brand that is suitable for the online interface, while still emphasizing Ulta’s fun and friendly attitude. By expanding its digital marketing, Ulta will be able to reach more customers, especially in the younger demographic, and create stronger brand awareness.
One thing I really focused on in rebranding Ulta Beauty is the concept of makeup as an art. The swirls I incorporated in the identity system and the drawn-on animation on the women's faces attempted to showcase that side of makeup that is creative and artistic. I kept much of the colour scheme the same, since I think it represents Ulta's fun, friendly, and bold personality. It also differentiates them from the black-and-white striped look of main competitor Sephora. 
Project completed at Parsons School of Design, Fall 2020